About This Site

On this site, ordinary people talk about their extraordinary relationships with some of the most iconic popular music of our time. Regardless of our generation, ethnicity, or nationality, we all access a common, evolving repertoire of popular music and we relate to each track from our own peculiar backgrounds. As a result, we each gravitate towards certain songs that are meaningful to our own unique life journey. Most of us have that one song—our jam—that stands out and remains in our memory as an important soundtrack of our past. No matter where we are, whenever we hear that song, we cry or laugh; or we just sit back, smile and reminisce about our teenage years when we came of age, or the loves we gained or lost. Maybe we think back to our loneliest moments or our most exuberant experiences. This song follows us on our journey through life. On this site, we are curious about how each person relates to their jam. We invite music fans to share the music and the memories.  As an ethnomusicologist, I look forward to analyzing all this information for a future publication. Please click on “What’s your jam?” and spend a few minutes telling us about that one song.